Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance and Repair

We Will Respond Immediately

When patrons walk into a restaurant they don’t want to concern themselves with whether their food is prepared correctly.  As a manager or owner, a complaint or illness is the last thing that you want to deal with.  Kitchen Master not only repairs equipment but we also make sure that temperatures for your refrigeration, sanitizing and cooking equipment are accurate.

The initial key element of safe food handling is refrigerating or freezing your product.  When the Walk-In freezer goes down unexpectedly, there is a threat of losing several thousands of dollars worth of product.  We will respond immediately to make sure this doesn’t happen!  If a part is needed to get you going again, we will have a refrigeration warehouse open to get that part.  Any hour of the day!  Rain or shine!

We will respond immediatly

Cooking Equipment Repair

Cooking equipment is essential in heating your product thoroughly and in a timely manner.  The rules of business efficiency apply to cooking.  If the equipment isn’t working efficiently there are going to be problems.  Problems can occur with insufficient or an overabundance of pressure to gas equipment.  Most times when equipment is installed it isn’t checked.  We will ensure that manufacturer specifications are set properly for you.  Properly cooked food is safe food.  This leads us to the sanitation factor in restaurant operation.

Cooking Equipment
Dishwasher repair

Dishwashing Machines

There are two types of dishwashing machines, cold and hot water sanitizing.  Cold water sanitizing is achieved through the utilization of chemicals.  Hot water sanitizing is done by boosting the temperature to no less than 180 in order to kill bacteria.  Kitchen Master ensures this equipment is working at proper temperatures whether it is the dishwashing machine or booster that heats the water.  We work on all brands and types of dishwashing machines.

Not only does Kitchen Master work on all domestic equipment, we work on all foreign (or international) equipment as well.  We have the resources to purchase parts from most anywhere in the world.  There are no limitations to what can be accomplished!
We accept the challenge of being the best in what we do!